Researchers as Partners

Researchers as Partners

We believe a large, diverse, rich, and broadly accessible data resource can help us answer the thousands of questions keeping us from a healthier future. That’s why the All of Us Research Program values researchers of all types as partners. We are partnering with prominent institutions and organizations to implement a research protocol that respects participants, reflects the needs of the research community, and lives up to the potential of the program.

To ensure that researchers have a voice in the direction and focus of the program, we have co-designed a research platform that facilitates a variety of health research initiatives.

Research Workshops

In early 2018, the All of Us Research Program held its first research workshop to identify key research priorities. Workshop attendees used the crowdsourced research concepts to create additional research questions, refine common data elements, and identify priorities for future versions of the All of Us protocol. In total, the workshop developed more than 1,000 use cases and 3,500 unique data elements.

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